Cloud Services

Lighten your load. Cloud services enable your organization to scale its operations and take advantage of on-demand web-based IT solutions.

The burdens of location, ownership, and management can be removed, making your company agile and more efficient resulting in a true ROI. Talk to us. We’ll help you explore backup, security and collaboration cloud options to name a few that can help protect your business and increase productivity.

What's more, when you choose us, you don't have to worry about your data being stored off somewhere in Timbuktu. Your data is stored in our network data center, right here in Green Bay, with across the hall expert support available around the clock.



Cloud Backup

Your company data backed up, stored offsite, and available for recovery any time, from any place using the Internet. You manage who has access, what data gets backed up and when.

Data can include files and operating systems so you can pick up where you left off quickly in the event of a disaster.

  • No equipment to manage.
  • Packages to fit your storage needs.
  • Offsite replication included.
  • Web based customer panel.
  • Try it for free.
Running VMs onsite?  We're a select Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) for VMware and Hyper-V users looking for offsite backup.

VM offsite backup


Cloud Delivered Security

Ransomware is big business. Don't let your small business fall victim to paying cybercriminal monetary demands or lose all its data.

In a world of technology, securing your data from threats across the Internet is a priority. Even the FBI is warning individuals, businesses, police departments, government agencies, schools, and hospitals of the importance of protecting against ransomware attacks.

Our cloud security solution is tough as nails at preventing malware from getting onto your machines, containing hidden botnets, and blocking phishing attempts and inappropriate content.

Talk to us about this affordable, proactive solution against threats that will significantly decrease your chance of malware infection and breech of your computer network and IT devices.




Tech-savvy and always-connected, people want faster, more intuitive technology, uninterrupted services, and freedom to work anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices.

Subscription based productivity tools that allow your team to work and share virtually anywhere.

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